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Established in 1999,Website:http://www.huaxing-motor.com, our factory is a private enterprise. Due to demands for our development, our factory was removed to Yanqiao Industrial zone in 2002, with a land area of 6666 M2 and 8000 M2 for covered area. Our factory mainly manufactures energy storage typed motor for breaker special-used operational mechanism. There are currently 80 sets of processing equipments and 30 sets of high-precision machining equipments (four-axis linkage processing center, digital-controlled lathe, digital-controlled accuracy gear hobber),and 15 sets of motor -testing equipments. There are totally 18 administrators, 10 technicians and 80 manufacturing workers. We can supply our products for dozens of large companies all over china,with monthly capacity of 30,000 to 40,000 motors. Our factory had manufactured 320,000 sets of energy storage typed motor with high pressure switches in 2015 and has sold out 300,000 sets. By our high-quality products, we have gained good reputation and market. We take possession of powerful technical strength, advanced production equipment and techniques with a complete set of testing means. Our techniques and quality are within the scope of leading level nationwide. Through our efforts of the technicians can our motors be promoted towards such more resistance for adverse factors as rush current, electric corona and instantaneous high voltage. We have resolved the large trouble for the motor to be easily broken down and are guaranteed for its reliability and durability, thus reducing the maintenance cost to the lowest. According to the quality statistics in 2002 till now, no more than 0.04% damages rate are caused by breakdown of the motor, and go far lower than that of 1% damages rate commonly recognized in the same field.
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1. Electric motor 2. Micro motor 3. Energy storage motor 4. Special motor 5. AC and DC motor for circuit breaker 6. Permanent magnet DC decelerating motor
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Wuxi Huaxing Motor Switch Factory
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